My name is Eric Mora and I have been a fitness enthusiast since 2014. My fitness journey started with the typical high school workout program consisting of going to the gym and performing countless sets of bench press and bicep curls. During this time I was applying to many universities, however I did not exactly have an idea of the route I was going to take.

I then stumbled upon studying Exercise Physiology and decided that it fit my interests at the time. During my freshman year at Baylor University, I picked up on bodybuilding after watching numerous videos about bodybuilders and their lifestyle. As I progressed with my education, the classes began to coincide with all the research I was doing for bodybuilding and I found that I could directly link my education with my sport/lifestyle.

Due to my academic background, I was always getting asked for help in regards to nutrition or exercise. I realized how much I enjoyed helping others because during my early days of working out, I was always the one eager to lead the workouts amongst my friends. I would also be teaching them all the material that I was learning in school.

My passion for helping others arose from people taking the time to ask for my opinions and then immediately applying it to their everyday life.

On top of that, after they had gone through a certain period of time using my insights, seeing them succeed and reach their goals was the ultimate sense of satisfaction.

From contest preparation to simply getting ready for the summer, all of my testimonies have personally told me that I had a great impact in changing their lives by providing them with guidance through a methodical and simple approach towards fitness and nutrition.