Testimonials & Transformations


“Just starting out on my fitness journey I was lucky enough to find as Eric as my first and only coach I’ll ever have. Guy has been amazing with daily check-ins, progress updates, and daily tweaks to diets if needed. If your looking for someone to hold you accountable and a coach that really cares about you he’s the one. Will be working with Eric as long as I am on this path."

- Zachary Johnson 


"If you’re looking for a trainer look no further. I was referred to Eric from a buddy. I’ve dealt with my weight fluctuating up and down and was tired of it. I decided to get Eric as a trainer to see what all I could do. Eric has been with me throughout the journey although not long but damn has it been awesome. From the daily check ins (and I mean DAILY) to the questions about meals to workout. He is with you every step of the way. Everything is detailed to YOUR catering. In the span of a month and a half I’ve lose 15lbs and going. Like I said Eric is the man especially with his extensive knowledge in this field and the willingness of helping individuals with their fitness goals."

- Prashil Kumar


“Working with Eric is simple because he sets a clear plan for everything.  The workouts he makes are great and target every muscle accordingly. He checks up on me twice a day asking various questions about performance and diet . Always quick to answer my questions and makes it clear so you have a better understanding.  He's always cheering me on about weight I gain . Its nice to know the person helping you reach your goals also genuinely cares about them” 

- Daniel Marquez


Working with Coach Eric has easily been one of the most impactful things I have done for myself in regard to my fitness journey. Even with over 5 years of training experience myself, there is typically always something new to learn everyday while working with Eric. Coach Eric easily will elevates your knowledge in terms of nutrition and gym IQ with his years of experience in the field.

One of the key qualities while working with Eric is his ability to communicate efficiently and effectively- the multiple check-ins on a daily basis truly gives you someone who will hold you accountable. The accountability aspect of working with a coach in itself is a dime a dozen- he will absolutely call you out for slacking or not meeting requirements, but in a professional manner that will allow for growth. Lastly, Eric will strongly stand by his protocols and will never give out exercises or diet plans that he himself would not follow. A lot of Eric’s methodology is science driven, and if you have any questions pertaining to protocol, Eric will take the time to explain the “why” giving you the opportunity to learn.


Overall if you are looking for a honest, professional, driven, and effective individual to help lead you to your fitness goals, look no further as Eric provides the highest quality of care for his clients.

-Nathan Khao