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My name is LeslyLove. 

I am an Online Fitness and Health coach. My goal in the fitness industry is to help each individual I work beside become the best version of themselves, physically and mentally! I believe the best outfit you can wear is “confidence”! 


No matter the history or level of experience, I am here to help others develop long term, sustainable, healthy mental and physical habits. Whether you’ve been in the gym for a while now or are just stepping foot into the gym for the first time; I welcome everyone to find the best version of themselves. 


A little background about me! I grew up as an athlete and played multiple sports throughout high school. Unfortunately I could never perform at my highest level because of health issues and lack of a proper diet growing up. I was in and out of the hospital because of my health issues and bills started to pile up. A lot to take on at an early age resulting in not being myself physically or mentally. That’s when I decided I wanted to change my life for the long run. I wanted to live a long, healthy life, not worrying about no being able to achieve my goals! Most importantly I wanted to have the confidence. The kind that made you feel like you were living on another planet full of life. 


I made the decision to invest my time, energy, and recourses into becoming the ideal version of myself. Learning about nutrition and training through my certifications and experience as I went onto become the Manager at a local gym and top Personal Trainer. As my clientele and impact grew I knew I was serving in my purpose. All of the struggles I had endured throughout my personal journey had led me to be a light to others. That’s when my passion for helping others came to fruition. 


LeslyLove Fitness is about building the confidence to the best version of you

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